Kingsley Advani is one of the more active angel investors in the growing longevity industry. This is still a young industry, and like many of people involved, whether as entrepreneurs or investors, Advani is motivated more by an interest in achieving progress in medical technology than in a return on investment. Though of course, investors who ignore that second point tend not to remain investors for all that long.

What do Juvenescence, Oisín Biotechnologies, Volumetric, and GEn1E Lifesciences have in common? Yes, they are all companies that fit squarely in the burgeoning Longevity sector, but they are also companies invested in by Kingsley Advani, a US-based British investor who has made the extension of human life one of his key investment categories. In addition to investing in more than 50 companies, Advani is also a financial supporter of non-profit longevity organisations including SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, and the National University of Singapore.

I think that Juvenescence have a very sensible approach, they are very well capitalised and they have multiple shots on goal. They have companies in their portfolio that are working on areas like tissue regeneration, like LyGenesis, who are using lymph nodes as bioreactors, and companies like Insilico Medicine that are using deep learning for drug discovery. So they have a pretty wide range of shots on goal.”

“I invest in the longevity industry for the impact, because if you could extend the healthy lives of eight billion people, then it’s really a noble act. Secondly, I felt that longevity was underserved in terms of investment – a majority of these companies are privately funded and there’s a lack of attention from government, so I felt there was a gap in terms of private investment. I want to increase volume of investment in longevity companies and so I’ve been educating more private investors about longevity.”