The response of governments around the world to the COVID-19 pandemic has essentially shut down the conference circuit for much of 2020. The primary purpose of conferences is networking, and while a number of the conference hosts have organized online events rather than postponing to the end of the year, it just isn’t the same. Networking at an online event is a pale shadow of what can be accomplished in the real world. These online conferences do, nonetheless, generate many interesting presentations in the same way as conferences in the real world.

The Longevity Leaders Congress for 2020, the online version of a conference usually held in London, took place at the end of May. In addition to the scheduled discussion panels, a number of companies recorded presentations of their work. These videos are posted to the Longevity Leaders YouTube account. Below I’ve picked a selection of just the senolytic companies, those focused on the targeted destruction of senescent cells, via quite a diverse set of approaches. There are other companies beyond these, so the full list is worth looking through.

Unity Biotechnology Company Showcase

OneSkin Company Showcase

SIWA Therapeutics Company Showcase

Senolytic Therapeutics Company Showcase

Oisin Biotechnologies Company Showcase