Yikes!   I’m sure this isn’t what you or doctor/provider were intending.  I’m wondering if the person you went to is really experienced?  It might be good to find out before you go for a correction, because your question about a touch up is relevant.  Their experience could be the answer.

It can take 5-10 days for Dysport/Botox to fully activate.  And sometimes it will ‘take’ unevenly for a day or two.  Wait at least 7-10 days before calling.  It may just correct itself over that time.

Botox and Dysport temporarily relax muscles.

Most offices will offer a ‘touch up’, if your experience was less than great.  Usually that ‘touch up’ should be:

  • Requested and done within 1-3 weeks of the original injection.  It’s really not kosher to call months later and complain then.
  • Usually offered at no charge by your original injector.  For example, we charge only if we are correcting work from other clinics.
  • Just a small amount to fix problems.  If you really just want or need a lot more Botox/Dysport, it’s fair to expect to pay more for that.

Possible corrections for eyebrow problems

A good dermatologist who does aesthetic work can fix many of the below problems.

  1. The angry bird (I love this description).  Results from relaxing the lateral muscles of the forehead, while not relaxing the ones in the center enough.  So the center pulls in still with no balancing pull from the sides.
  2. The straight arrow brow.  Results from relaxing the central muscles which drops the head of the brow a little, while elevating the tail of the brow.  Can look very Startrekky.
  3. The terminally surprised brows.  We all know this look.  Too much pull upward above the arch of the brow, while the rest is relaxed.  Sometimes brows can ‘catch’ or seem to get stuck in this position.
  4. The dropped brow.   Too much Dysport/Botox across the whole forehead, or even certain section of it.  For example, just dropping the mid and tail of the brow so ‘hooding’ (that extra fold of upper eyelid skin) looks worse.
  5. The quizzical brow.  One brow pops up, but not the other.  Similar problem to #3 but just one side.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin



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