Let’s face it!  Most moisturizer are formulated for that middle zone of  normal.  Or, a little on one side or the other.  But what do you do when you really are in the top 10% for oily (and possibly acne) OR the driest 10%.  It’s tough to find just the right one.  Who wants to use pure nut butters, or really shiny oils on dry skin?  And who want to look like an oil slick by adding oil to already oily skin?

Sjogren’s syndrome, for those who haven’t heard of it, is an autoimmune disease that causes a combination of dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis, sometimes dry skin and other problems.

Fake news:  When you are told that if you put more oil on your skin, your skin will make less oil.  Oil production is genetically and hormonally determined. It is not a consequence of over drying your skin.

Ideas for very dry skin:

  • Try using a B5/hyaluronic acid hydrating gel under your moisturizer.  For example, SC Hydrating B5 Gel, with the SC Triple Lipid Cream.
  • Try layering 3 or more moisturizing products on your face like the B5 above, then your moisturizer, then your sunscreen, and then light foundation like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.  It sounds like a lot but if you use the right products, it looks very sheer.
  • Don’t scrub or exfoliate except very lightly with something gentle once a week.  A washcloth is good.
  • Living in a climate that doesn’t require central heating or AC constantly helps.  Also consider a humidifier for your bedroom.
  • Try substituting your moisturizer and using a light facial oil.  Look for products with avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc. in the top 3 ingredients.  Avoid vaseline, and cheaper drugstore products with chemical names you can’t pronounce.  One of my patients swore by eating an avocado daily and then she’d rub the pit of it on her face every morning.
  • Remember nutrition with plenty of fish oils, healthy olive oil, and omega 3s.  Besides that, statins and other medications can dry the skin.

Ideas for very oily skin:

  • See a dermatologist if you have acne also.  Many of the treatments will help keep the oil down.  Ask about spironolactone.
  • Consider, if you are female, managing this with hormone adjustments with your Gyn.  Would an oral contraceptive be indicated and help?
  • Make sure that all products you are putting on your skin are formulated for oily skin and/or say noncomedogenic (means doesn’t make acne worse).  Most importantly, your sunscreens should say specifically that they are meant for oily skin.
  • Substitute oil free B5 gels for moisturizer on oily skin.
  • Clarisonics are great for oily skin, as is regular exfoliation, and use of retinoids and/or alpha hydroxyacids.  This one is a combo and is light.
  • Regular IPLs (gentle laser) help dry the skin and shrink pores a bit temporarily.
  • Most dermatologists in the U.S. agree that lo-dose Accutane is not recommended for oily skin only.  In some other countries, it is allowed.
  • Shiseido blotting papers slip easily in a bag or pocket, and soak up oil without ruining makeup.

Hope this helps,

Dr. B




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