CBD is a hot topic lately isn’t it?  Lots of marketing dollars are being spent on CBD.  Also the  legalization in many states, and it’s effectiveness for some conditions is creating the new interest.  If you do a web search, it’s recommended to improve almost any condition.  Is it snake oil, that famous scam in the past?

I really couldn’t find any credible science on CBD (above alfalfa derived) for use in skin, and certainly not for under eye puffiness. Instead you’ll notice that they formulated this with lots of tried and trues: retinol, avocado oil, Vit E (tocopheryl), Vit C etc.  That’s really what makes the difference.  See these eye creams instead.

 Here’s the bottom line on what makes a difference for puffy eyes for everyone:

  • Control salt intake and remember that restaurant food, take-out, soups, cheeses, etc. are all high in salt.
  • Cheap carbs like sugar, white flour products, baked good, pastries, alcohol, etc. all contribute to puffy eyes.
  • Post cosmetic surgery, many people have problems due to poor lymphatic drainage related to the scars.
  • If a filler like Juvederm (hydrophilic) was used around the eye area or Voluma (looks good initially and then puffs over time) that can be a problem.
  • Poor sleep!  Sleep is key so see a sleep specialist.

Under 40:

  • Think diet and exercise like above.
  • Look at your relatives – do they have prominent lower eyelid fat pads?  If you do too, that may need a surgical fix eventually.
  • Thermage FDA approved eyelid tip works quite well to tighten the eyelid skin just enough.  Dermatology clinics.
  • If you have true hollow tear trough, then a filler like Restylane may be helpful.  Again, look at your relatives! Dermatology clinics.
  • Protect this skin with sunglasses and eyelid sunscreen.
  • Start a good eye cream.

Over 40:

  • Over the years, eyelid skin is so thin that it becomes less elastic, also there are very few oil glands, so start a good eye cream asap, if you haven’t already.
  • Think of it as needing both volume in some areas and some skin tightening all over to create a smooth contour over the eye area.
  • If you have loose skin, then you have two options…. the nonsurgical approach and plastic surgery (an upper lid blepharoplasty).  The nonsurgical approach that is most successful, in my opinion, is an FDA approved eyelid Thermage (there’s a small special tip for this) followed the same day or next day by an upper lid carbon dioxide laser with platelet rich plasma (PRPFM) both topical and injected.  Board certified derm experts only please at this.  The plastic surgery is self explanatory.
  • If you have larger fat pads that have moved, the best solution is plastic surgery.
  • If you have a deep tear trough or discolored lower eyelid problem, a filler like Restylane may be able to help camouflauge it, or surgery may be an option.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin




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